The Bliss Studio is a premiere, high-end product, portrait, portfolio & headshot studio located in the 105 year old historic Bliss building right in the heart of downtown Rockford's River District. We specialize in studio sessions to produce magazine quality, world-class photography of your products for e-commerce, you, your family, or your loved ones. Here is a recap of our services and prices:

Product Photography
The craftsmanship & care we provide to our studio product photography clients is based on over 30 years' experience producing still life, illustration and detail shots for some of the best known brands in the world. Whether you're looking for high volume, super consistent e-commerce shots on white for hundreds of products, of a single photo illustration for a splash ad on social media and the web, we can do it all. We're master lighting experts, and that's what will really make your products come to life. We have full shipping & receiving capabilities, and can accept products from all over the world, as our airport is an international port of entry. Prices start at just $250 for up to 10 shots.

Studio Portraits
Studio portrait sessions start at just $375 for up to 90 minutes of shooting. We don't like setting hard limits on our clients, but we will promise the following for your session:
No limits on outfits, number of people, or number of shots we take each session.
•We will produce 50 shots processed & proofed on our server.
•All shots are available for downloading & printing, and never deleted.
•Server has direct access to a professional photo lab for the best quality.
•All print products are available at cost for you. (Just $2.00 for an 8"x10". Yes, really!) 
•All your shots will be available to you as an archival DVD at no extra charge.

Professional Headshots
You want to make a great first impression – one that people will remember. Many professionals need high quality, polished headshots for their company, press releases, LinkedIn profiles or resumé. We can produce the headshot you've always imagined instead of the traditional, dated, forgettable ones you see in most offices. Think of your headshot being something people won't forget – like a cover story for a magazine, or a promo poster for a movie. Think engaging, dynamic, even dramatic. Headshots sessions start at just $175 and include:
Free 15 minute consultation & review of the kind of shots you really want.
Full half hour in the studio producing the shots you really want.
•We will produce up to 25 shots, processed & proofed on our server. 
•You will receive 3 final shots completely retouched to your specifications.
•All shots are available for downloading & printing at your leisure.
•Our server gives you direct access to a professional photo lab for the best quality.
•All print products are available at cost for you. (Just $2.00 for an 8"x10". Yes, really!)
•All of your shots will be available to you as an archival DVD for $25 extra.

Modeling, Acting & Salon Portfolios
If you need a modeling look book, some new looks for your acting CV, or want to show off your work to salon customers, we can tailor sessions just for you. We have a full studio setup – complete with changing area, powder room, makeup & wardrobe prep, and a full kitchen / dining area available for staff & talent alike. Of course, we can always shoot on location too! These kind of portfolio shoots are best tackled in half to full day chunks, and start at just $575.
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